Om Imports, Inc. is proud to celebrate over 15 years of serving the wholesale merchandise industry.

From our warehouse in California we ship all over the world. Our customers are Flea Market vendors, Independent Retailers, Swap Meet sellers, Festival and Fair vendors, Craft Show vendors, Home & Garden Show vendors, Online Retailers, Distributors, Boutiques, Mall carts, Kiosks..........

Quality Merchandise:
Crafted from Superior Materials by Master Artisans, the quality of our merchandise is always very high. We go straight to the manufacturers of the items we import and select firsthand what we carry. We carry a wide range of products and are always adding new products to our inventory.

Lowest Prices: We know there are many Merchants to choose from on the Web. How do you choose one over another? When you give us a try you will immediately see the difference. We are interested in establishing a long-term relationship with our customers. One of the ways we do this is by offering you the best possible price for the highest quality merchandise. If you find a better published price we will do our best to meet or beat that price.

Exceptional Customer Service:
Another way we create this long-term relationship is by offering you the best in Customer Service. Our staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Whether you are reporting a loss, shortage, breakage or asking for information about prices or availability of products our people are always willing and eager to help you. Our delivery is fast and our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. The entire team here at Om Imports, Inc is committed to meeting those needs.

We are a Direct Importer, Wholesaler & Distributor of:

Hem | Satya | Padmini | Auroshikha | SAC | Tulasi | BIC | Kamini | Balaji | Nikhil | Hari Darshan | Sital | Mysore Sandal | Asoka | Cycle Brand | Kwality | Goloka | Nandi | Parimal Mandir | Nippon Kodo | Three Kings |

Incense Burners
Wooden | Brass | PolyResin | SoapStone | Incense Bottles | Cauldrons | Charcoal Burners | Aluminum | Lacquer |

Altar Tools
Silver Altar Tiles | Stone Altar Tiles | Wooden Altar Tiles | Altar Tables | Altar Chalices | Altar Cloths | Altar Bells | Celtic Love Spoons | Book Holders | Ritual Offering Bowls |

Amber Resin
Golden Amber | Honey Amber | Celestial Amber | Premium Amber | Rosewood Amber Resin Gift Box |

Soapstone Aroma Lamps

Bells & Windchimes

Belly Dance
Hip Scarves | Tops | Skirts | Butterfly Sets | Harem Pants | Jewelry | Zills, Finger Cymbals & Dancing Anklets | More Clothing

Bindi Body Dots

Wooden | SoapStone | Lacquer | Hand Painted Wooden |

Candles & Snuffers

Candle Holders


Tapestry/Bedspreads | Curtains | Altar Cloths & Scarves | Yoga Mats | Bags & Purses | Tote Bags | Kurta Tops | T-Shirts | Cotton Skirts | Skirts, Tops & Harem Pants | Hip Scarves |

Coasters & Trays

Essential Oils
Auroshikha Organic | Auroshikha Natural | Auroshikha Fragrance | Auroshikha Natural Potpourri | Auroshikha Perfumed Sachet | Balaji Roll-On Perfume | Solid Perfume | Nag Champa Oil | Super Hit Body Oil | Satya Body Oil | Nag Champa Perfume Sachet | SAC Aroma Oil |


Herbal Soaps

Hindu Art Prints
God/Goddess Greeting Cards | God/Goddess Posters - NEW | God/Goddess Prints on Velvet | God/Goddess Posters | God/Goddess Cards | God/Goddess Postcards | God/Goddess Stickers |


Bangles & Bracelets | Earrings & Nose Pins | Upper Arm Bracelets | Belly Dance Necklaces | Pendants | Finger Ring Bracelets | Belly Dance Belts | Bindi Body Dots | Anklets | Zills, Finger Cymbals & Dancing Anklets | Wooden Neck Beads |

Meditation Supplies
Tibetan Singing Bowls | Tibetan Altar Bells | Tibetan Cymbals | Prayer Malas | Tibetan Incense Holders | Tibetan Prayer Wheels | Tibetan Offering Bowls | Tibetan Prayer Flags | Tibetan Sacred Symbols Books |

Miscellaneous Items
Altar Tables | Antique Locks | Flutes | Book Holders | Candle Snuffers | Flower Vases |

Mortar & Pestle


Wall Hangings

Yoga Clothes
Yoga Mats | Kurtas/Tops | Bags & Purses | T-Shirts | Caps | Tote Bags | More Clothing |

... and the finest quality White Sage, Desert Sage, Smudging Herbs and Supplies.