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We accept all major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Our website is configured to accept all major credit cards and it takes real time authorization of

your credit card when you submit your order, if our site has generated Order ID # then you order has

been submitted successfully, but if you don't see Order ID # then card has been declined.

There are different reasons for decline:
  • please check with your bank if there is enough funds available to cover this order or not.
  • if you are sure there is enough funds and still declined then it could be one of the following reasons:
  • please check the you have entered correct billing address.
  • your credit card may have been blocked by the issuer.Please contact your issuer and have them unblock it.
  • your complete billing address must match with your card otherwise it may decline even if you have funds available.
  • Please make a note, your Billing and Shipping Address must be the same.
  • If you use a different shipping address than the billing address your order may not be processed. We may contact you for further verification.

Secure Server Software and Encryption

Our website uses secure server software (SSL) encrypts to process your credit card orders.

For any reason if you don't feel comfortable to provide your card information over the internet, please

submit your order using payment option type as Call with Payment Info and call us at 800-858-8677 to provide your payment information over the phone.